Bouyourou is one of Japan’s foremost ryokan (traditional inns) with a focus on cuisine,
and is especially renowned for its dishes made from Echizen Crab.

spa of Bouyourou

Echizen-Crab Cuisine ( spring, summer and autumn )

Echizen Crab, which is produced in the Mikuni and Echizen regions and is famous for
being presented to the Imperial household, is served during the winter.
The crab is carefully selected by our innkeeper at the market
before being served in a wide range of styles including
boiled, grilled, raw, or in kamameshi (rice cooked in an iron pot).
Please visit to savor this fantastic crab that can be tasted nowhere else.

  • Yude-Gani(boiled crab)Yude-Gani ( boiled crab )
  • Yaki-Gani(grilled crab)Yaki-Gani ( grilled crab )

Mikuni-Kaiseki Cuisine ( winter )

Kaiseki (traditional multi-course cuisine) that changes each month and
features plenty of fresh seafood caught in the Sea of Japan right in front of the ryokan
is served during the spring, summer, and autumn.
Our chefs show off their dedication and skills by creating beautiful side dishes,
grilled foods, braised foods, and more. Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine,
served one dish at a time in your room, in a relaxed fashion.

  • HassunHassun
  • SashimiSashimi