The Bouyourou is a traditional ryokan (classic Japanese-style hotel) established in the late 19th century.
We offer the pleasures and experiences of traditional Japanese culture and history.
In addition, you can enjoy a peaceful, secluded, luxury retreat with a fabulous ocean view.
Please relax and appreciate our warm hospitality throughout your visit.

About Bouyourou


Bouyourou was a shipping agent during the Edo period , but in Meiji period we started up the guest house, situated on the Echizen-kaigan Coast with an amazing view ;
our name "BOUYOU" means "facing the sea" in old japanese.

  • Bouyourou of the past
  • Matsukaze of the past



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Here in Mikuni, where marine foodstuffs are abundantly available, you can enjoy the splendid Kaiseki dishes full of fresh seafoods.

  • Echizen CrabEchizen Crab
  • SashimiSashimi

Onsen(hot spring spa)

We hope you also enjoy the traditional Japanese custum of onsen (hot spring spa).

  • interior
  • open-air spa